Say Cheeze BV, a small company with talent, experience and ambition in the kids’ entertainment sector. We produce children’s entertainment programmes in the fields of audio, video, multimedia and books, either on behalf of clients or on our own initiative. The educational aspect almost always plays an important role in the productions.

Say Cheeze has been involved in the localizations of various well known products such as Bob the Builder CD-ROM, Teletubbies CD-ROM, Tweenies CD-ROM as well as in the dubbing of TV series like The Worst Witch, Being Ian, Super Mario Bros. and Action Man.

Say Cheeze operates a modern audio studio equipped with latest speech and song recording technologies. Countless productions in the fields of narrative CDs, video dubbing and song productions have been realized here.

Music can be downloaded in the downloadshop.

Entertainment producer with a strong
emphasis on children's products